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NAME :- JOHN / CHATANGO :- JOHNANIMEFAN                                                                                                                                       E-MAIL ADDRESS :- ANIME_KING@ROCKETMAIL.COM                                                                    FAVORITES ANIME :- NARUTO / DBZ / HELLSING & MANY MORE                                                         POSITION IN SITE :- OWNER OF THE SITE.                                                                                       LOCATION :- LIGHT MOON , HEAVEN.

                                                                                                            NAME :- GRIMFANGS /CHATANGO :- GRIMFANGS                                                                                                                                            E-MAIL ADDRESS :-

Favourite anime :- Inuyasha, Naruto, Bleach, yu yu hakasho, the law of Ueki, DBZ.
Position in site :-Moderator and co-owner.
Location- Blood moon, Hell.


NAME :- TATSIGA / CHATANGO :- TATSIGA2                                                                                  

EMAIL ADDRESS :-                                                                                        FAVORITES ANIME :- ONE PIECE & BLACK CAT                                                                                 POSITION IN SITE :- STREAMING PAGE OWNER                                                                               LOCATION:- DEMON WORLD


EMAIL ADDRESS :- LIMBACHIYAVISHAL@HOTMAIL.COM                                                                            FAVORITE ANIMES :- OP,FT,KHR etc.                                                                                                      POSITION IN SITE :- SAFE CHAT MAINTAINER                                                                                           LOCATION :-  YOU ARE NOT GETTING IT

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