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Rules of the Chatbox!

Welcome to the page of the rules!

I strongly recommend you to read this page before you start chatting in the chatbox just to make sure you don’t cause any trouble.


  1. No Spamming! The define of spamming would be don’t post too many pointless messages within a short time!
  2. No Spoiling! Spoiling would be don’t tell/show what happens in the manga that hasn’t been released in the anime yet! Remember, this is an Anime site! Not a manga site!
  3. No Flaming/Insulting! Do NOT start call people names, or just say random things that people don’t appreciate (Such as Religion, status or whatever!).
  4. No Pornographic Images or 18+ Videos! The rule tells itself what not to do but anyway, DO NOT post anything that’s nude, pornographic or whatsoever.
  5. No Sexual Harrassment! This is very individual, but if someone tells you to stop with what you are doing, then DO IT!
  6. No Vulgarity! This means do not use any kinds of words that may be inappropriate when having a conversation!
  7. No Advertising! You shall NOT post any kinds of advertising (text, images, videos or whatsoever) for any other anime websites or chatboxes in our chatbox!
  8. No impersonating! This means do not pretend to be other members against thier will!
  9. No giving members personal information away if you know it! This means real names, address, hair color, eye color, etc. Do NOT tell it against thier will!
  10. No Trolling! This means Don’t start fights, don’t provoke, and don’t say something with the intent of upsetting someone!

If you break ONE of these rules, you will get ONE warning, after that the result will be banned immediately!

If you somehow can prove you got banned even though you didn’t break any rules you weren’t aware of, or someone else was using your account and you can prove it, we will of course unban you!
If you start begging us to unban you we will just ignore you even if you get proof later that you want to show us!

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